Blade Runner Bootlegs


Blade Runner Gallery of Bootlegs

Here you see some examples of Blade Runner bootlegs. This list does not intend to be complete. It's only purpose is to archive these images, not to sell or trade bootlegs! There are many bootlegs on CD of Blade Runner, for a more complete list see this link.


The story of bootlegs is pretty complicated. Some are 'real' bootlegs, they were the first source of Blade Runner music for the public. When they became quite populair, some bootleggers copypasted the music and made their own production. In some cases, hese bootlegs are made out of other sources combined, such as laserdiscs or videotapes and sold on the internet for crazy prices. Quite often the soundquality is poor. In the last decades countless pirate releases hit the market. Most of the time these releases are made in small quantities, from 3,000 to only five. Like the real OWM cd there are just 2,000 made worldwide, indicating it is a hard-to-find, excusive rarity, but to be true: it might be a copy itself. Still 'new' CD's are made and sold. The very first bootleg of Blade Runner came out on the Off World Music label, shortened as "OWM" in 1993, the next one was the Romanian made Congo release in 1995. This CD was made for the USA market.


These images are placed in random order. On the net you will find many more images like these, sometimes they are nothing more than an artistic drawing but look quite as a real release.

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