Television Ads (1980-1990)


Television Advertisements (1980 - 1990)

Throughout the years Vangelis'music has been used in many ways, like televisioncommercials. Here you find some examples, from all over the world. If you have more to contribute, please drop me a line!

Corega Tabs


In Holland a slightly altered mix of Spiral is used for an ad for Corega tabs, for cleaning and maintainance dental

Mazda RX-7


In Japan Mazda used the end titles of Blade Runner, performed by the New American Orchestra, to promote their new Mazda XR-7.

Gallo Wine (1986)

Ernest and Julio Gallo


An other wine commercial. In several countries this ad has been broadcasted

Fiat Strada / Fiat Ritmo

This commercial, which was televised over most European countries, uses Figaro, of the Baber of Seville, played by Vangelis.

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