Francois Wertheimer


François Wertheimer

Francois Wertheimer

François Wertheimer in 1974

Every once in a while Vangelis worked together with several musicians. In 1974 it was French singer and composer François Wertheimer. The record was made just before Vangelis moved to the UK to start a new, creative life.

François Wertheimer was born May 4th, 1947. His professional musical life started aged 19. In 1970 his first record came out and many performances followed. François appeared to be a multi-talented boy, he is not only a musician, he is also a novelwriter, a mime-perfomer and shortfilmmaker for ORTF, a French televisioncompany. Some months before the big move of Vangelis from France to London, Wertheimer and Vangelis met eachother. Late May 1974 their co-operation "Pour Un Peu Mieux Que d'Habitude" came out on 7". The other side, of the single "Saturne" might have (some) Vangelis involvement, but this remains uncomfirmed. The music is recorded in the French Davout studio, the same where the Earth album has been recorded.


In 1982 Francois put his musical career to sleep to focus on his productincompany Zygote, specialised in production of stereoscopic movies. Mister Wertheimer developed a new virtual reality-technique called "Ectoplasmovision". The last years Francois has picked up his musical life again. He produces, writes and arranges, especially for Agnès Varda films. And he plays and sings in two Varda-movies. He has done the music for the "Gleaners and I" (in French: "Les glaneurs et la glaneuse") documentary in 2000.

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