Aleka Kanelidou


Aleka Kanelidou

In the late sixties, Vangelis recorded music with various musicians and well known Greek artists like Maria, Ricardo Credi and Zoe Kouroukli, just before he left for France to become a member of Aphrodite's Child.


Another singer Vangelis worked with in these days was Aleka Kanelidou. A quite famous Greek singer who has been pretty succesful and still is in Greece. Her discography is still growing.


Born in Plaka Athens, 21st January 1945, having her first singles made in 1964, two compositions by Giannis Spartakos. In 1967 she worked together with Vangelis on the single "The More I See You / Stranger". Again, Aleka is to be seen in the film Frenzy, or "Frenitis", when she sings "I Remember the Day". Vangelis made the rest of the soundtrack for this Greek horror movie.


1974 Aleka released her first album, called "12 Erotikes Stigmes" and after that she has released numerous albums and singles, all in Greek. She won the third prize at the 1974 Thessaloniki Song Festival.

The More I See You | Stranger - Philips 6140 (1967)

Aleka's single with Vangelis

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