After The Forminx


The Forminx wasn't a band anymore but the name was still used. There is a demotrack on vinyl called “Plastics Nevermore”, the first track of Aphrodite’s Child, but they were still called “The Forminx". Sometimes another name like “The Papathanassiou Set” or “Mr. Papathanassiou and his orchestra" was used.


In this time Vangelis recorded music with many different Greek artists, while travelling around. Artists as Aleka Kanelidou, Maria, Zoitsa Kouroukli, The Minis, George Romanos, Ricardo Credi and Vilma Ladopoulos, known as Vilma Lado. It is known that Vangelis had a relationship with Vilma. He recorded “Une Etoile / Le Vent” some days before Vangelis and Vilma left Greece for London, and to end up in France. With George Romanos he recorded five songs, four of them were released on Romanos’ LP “In concert and in the studio”. The missing one is “The Clock”, which was released with and without Romanos singing. The one without his lyrics was released by "Vangelis and his group" and also included the track “Our love sleeps on the water”. The members of this band were the same boys who later became known as Aphrodite’s Child: Evangelos Papathanasiou (leader/piano/organ, Loukas Sideras (drums) and Anarchyros Koulouris (guitars). Early 1967 Vangelis asked Demis Roussos (singer) to join them. But the boys came to the conclusion that if they wanted to have a succesfull career, they couldn’t stay in Greece.


So they decided to leave the country, heading for London. At the time, the UK was seen as the place to be for pop musicians. Once he left school, Vangelis had the idea to leave the country and now, the time had come to do so. Loukas, Demis and Anarchyros left Greece together. Vangelis and his girlfriend Vilma would leave some days later. In 1991, Vangelis said about this:


"Ooh, I think it was a mixture of reasons and I think it was a time that I had to leave my country then. But we have the tendency all the time to turn it to political. Because it’s better for… it creates more interest. Well, I cannot say it was a very nice period, but then I was very very young, after school, I felt that I had to leave, so I left. Mainly for technological things, because I think the technological was much more developed in other countries. But I wonder if I’ve ever left Greece. In my heart.


One of the first movies Vangelis recorded music for, was "Epiheirisis Apollon" in English translated as "Apollo Goes On Holiday", in French as "Princesse d'un Jour" ("Princess for a day"). This movie was showed in Belgium, France, Greece and Spain. Another movie which Vangelis made music for is Frenzy, the famous story which was also filmed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Belgian poster of Apollo Goes on Holiday

French poster of "Apollo Goes On Holiday"

Spanish poster of "Apollo Goes On Holiday"

Spanish poster of "Apollo Goes On Holiday"

Belgian poster of Apollo Goes On Holiday

Belgian poster

Fragment of "Apollo Goes On Holiday"

Talking about leaving Greece, this romantic roadmovie must have taken Vangelis back to Greece in his mind. There is only one song Vangelis made, with the name "Road Trip". Besides a release as free giveaway DVD with a Greek magazine, this movie has never seen a release. The Road Trip song is only to be found on an illegal bootleg CD, called "Apollo Goes on Holiday" In 2008 the Greek singer Agni covered the song for her CD. So only this cover is the way to hear the music legally.

Fragment of "Frenzy"

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