Paul Labbey


At the end of the Aphrodite's Child era, Vangelis wanted to go his own way. He came in contact with other musicians with whom he recorded new music. One of those artists was Paul Labbey, who was under contract with Fontana.


He only sang in French and had little success. His most successfull record was "Mon bel ange blond - Ma romance" which was produced by Vangelis, but he didn't perform in this little French gem. This single is now pretty rare and expensive.


After this single, Labbey had two other recordings and he played in 1970 a small role in a French movie called "Piège Blond". He is credited as guitarplayer. Some sources say that he actually sings Mon bel ange blond in the film.


It is unknown what happend to mr. Labbey after 1970.

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