Ricardo Credi


Ricardo Credi

Ricardo Credi is one of the artists Vangelis was working with in the late sixties of the 20th century. Next to e.g. Maria, Aleka Kanelidou, the Minis and George Romanos.

There is not much known about Mr. Credi. Some sources say he came from Egypt to make his way to the Greek musicscene in the sixties. Other sources say he could have come from Lebanon because of his contract with the Lebanese recordcompany SLD, or from (the south of) France because of his flawless French pronounciation. The third possible country of birth is Morocco, as stated in a Greek magazine of 1966.


What is known for sure is that mister Credi got a contract with the Spanish record label Cubalegre. Listen here to an example of this record. His first record, some sources say, came out on this label in 1963. On it he sings four songs from the San Remo festival of that year. Then mister Credi moved to Greece, where he performed at the Greek Hilton hotel in Athens in 1964. He was working there as a composer, singer and pianist. In 1966 an EP was released containing four songs, all in French. The songs on the record "Ricardo Credi at the Athens Hilton" were made with the orchestra of the known French composer Emmanuel Miquelon. Ricardo Credi lived in the Greek capital with his wive and three children when he had some success thoughout the years. His recordings were sold in Italy, France and Greece. His first record was "Une Larme"-"Petroushka" on Philips 6048 from 1965. He would perform "Une Larme" again on another single. Also the song "Siga Siga", was rereleased on another 7".


The singles he has made are quite rare and expensive nowadays. The record with the picture sleeve you see above is made in Greece, it is the only record he made with Vangelis and his orchestra. (Siga Siga - Non et Non, Philips 6143 from 1967) Just before V. Papathanassiou and His Orchestra became Aphrodite's Child, this is one of the last Greek singles Vangelis recorded before he left for France. It is unknown if Vangelis or his ochestra-members were involved in the "Une Larme" song. The Libanese 7" has these songs.


Somewhere in the seventies Ricardo moved to Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands. In the basement of the Oro Negro hotel in Playas de Las Americas he played piano in Ricci's Bar. This is the place where he had been seen last, Ricardo Credi disappeared August 1981. After he went away without a trace, Ricci's Bar has been closed. It is unknown what happened to mister Credi after 1981, no trace of his activities are recorded since.

Nowadays, the records by mr. Credi are pretty hard to find. Not just the Vangelis involved singles, actually, all of his records are extremely hard to find. Here you can find a collection of (some) of his records. If you have more information about mr. Credi, or if you have scans of missing records, or simply better scans than below, please contact me! Many, many thanks to Jeffrey Sabiston!

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