Zoë Kurukli


Zoë Kouroukli

In the late sixties, Vangelis recorded music with various musicians and well known Greek artists like Maria, Ricardo Credi and Zoe Kouroukli, just before he left for France to become a member of Aphrodite's Child.

Zoe Laskari was born Zoe Kourouki December 12th 1944 on the island of Thessaloniki, Greece. At a young age she lost both parents and she was raised by her grandparents. Zoe was to become one of the most famous Greek actresses of the "Golden Age of the Greek Cinema". In 1959 she became Star Hellas (Miss Greece) In 1961, aged 16, because of her success at the beauty pageant, she was chosen as the main character in the Greek movie "The Downhill" (O Katiforos). The big success of this movie made her a wellknown and beloved young actress and she signed a contract to the famous big Greek film production company Finos Film. Giannis Dalianidis, a filmdirector of Finos Film, choose the last name Laskaris for the young female, to prevent mixing up with her nephew Zoe Kouroukli, a wellknown singer at the time. Zoe and Giannis had worked together many times, most of the films Zoe played in were directed by Giannis.


She played many roles in different kinds of films like romantic movies, comedy, musicalfilms or dramas. When the Golden Age of the Greek Cinema came to an end, mid seventies, she focussed on theaterplays. She became a singer as well. In these years she recorded several singles with various musicians.


Zoe Kouroukli married twice, the last time to a lawyer in 1976, she has two daughters.

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