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Silver Koulouris

Anachyros Koulouris

Anachyros Koulouris

Anachyros 'Silver' Koulouris was one of the bandmembers of Aphrodite's Child. Because his first name Anachyros means silver in Greek, the word became Anachyros' nickname.


Silver was asked to join Aphrodite's Child but when the boys were on their way to try their success abroad, Silver had to go back to Greece to fulfill his military service. After several years he came to France to join the other bandmembers at the end of the Aphrodite's Child era, late sixties. Silver joined the recordings of 666 on percussion and guitar.


After the break-up of the band, all member tried to move on with thier own carreer. Anarchyros collaborated with for example Demis Roussos on his 1975 Album "Souvenirs" , on the track "Midnight is the Time I Need You" and 1976 on Roussos' album "Happy To Be on an Island In the Sun" on the track Bahia Blue, credited as "A. Silver". But he also worked woth Vangelis like on the obscure 7" Alpha Beta. In 1980 Silver released an album as part of the Magic Power band, with some success.

Lp By Magic Power

Selftitled album By Magic Power

A Lot To Learn | The Waiting Game

Single by Magic Power:

A Lot to Learn / The Waiting Game

Second single by Magic Power: Lady Midnight | Living For The Moment

Second single by Magic Power:

Lady Midnight / Living for the Moment

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