Boris Bergman


Boris Bergman


Le Tzigane Et La Fourmi LP by Boris Bergman

Boris Bergman's LP from 1974

The EP with Bergman's first track "Nocturne".

Nocturne is released on this EP by French singer Eva (1967)

Boris Bergman is the lyricist of Rain and Tears, the major top-hit of Aphrodite's Child. Throughout the years he has become a quite known actor and writer of well known songs. In his carreer, spanning for over three decades, he has made several hitsongs for many different singers like Alain Bashung, Nana Mouskouri and Paul Personne.


Bergman was born in London, and he moved to France at the age of 14. His lyrics were used for the first time in 1967 by singer Eva on her third record, the song was called Nocture. A year later Bergman was asked to write the song Rain and Tears together with Vangelis. It became a monsterhit all over Europe and this was the booster for Aphrodite's Child's success.


After Rain and Tears, Bergman was asked to write many more songs for several artists. Able to write in multiple languages, Bergman wrote also in French for Nana Mouskouri, e.g. Adieu mes Amis and Mon enfant. Bergman's star kept raising and he was asked for many wellknown artists like Dalida, Richard Anthony, Gerard Lenorman and many, many others. In his carreer Bergman uses a different name like John Kipoor every now and then. In the meantime, Bergman wrote the French lyrics for the music of the worldfamous movie The Godfather (1972). He wrote the lyrics of the French entry for the Eurovision Songfestival of 2013, sung by Amadine Bourgeois. Bergman keeps on writing for many artists up to this day.


Bergman is also an actor, he played in many French movies like Le Cimetière des Voitures (1983) and Mister Frost (1990) by director Philippe Setbon. In 1992 Bergman played a small role in Bitter Moon as friend of Oscar. Bergman also writes books and theatreplays.


Boris Bergman is not to be confused with other artists: In Russia a Boris Berman (without 'g') was born April 3 1948. He studied at the Moscou Conservatory and became a famous composer and pianist. He left Russia for Israël in 1972 and released several records. Secondly, there is a German composer Boris Bergmann (with double 'n') who lives in Berlin. Third, there is a French novelist Boris Bergmann who was born in 1992.

Boris Bergman

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