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Just like the Pan Vox label from Greece, the Music Box label released several, mostly short living, Greek music bands. Founded in 1959 by mr. Martin Th. Gesar, the Music Box label is still living and is only known in Greece.

Music Box recordsleeve from the sixties

Companysleeve of Music Box of the sixties

The Minis single

Single of The Minis, with two covers of The Beatles

In the sixties, Greece has had many musicgroups trying to get their place in the musiclists and on the radio. One of them is The Minis, which was founded in Athens, 1966. Unfortunately the group only lived a few months, and they released two singles: "Darlin' / Yepee Ya Ya song” and "And I love her" / "Girl".


Interestingly, except for Vangelis, the group had all the members that would later be Aphrodite's Child: Demis Roussos, Loucas Sideras and Argyris 'Silver' Koulouris. Other members were Themes Petrou (vocals) and Stylos Vlavianos on organ, the man behind many of Demis Roussos' hits during his solo-career in the seventies.


The first single "Darlin' " / "Yepee Ya Ya song" also includes Zoitsa "Zoe" Kouroukli on vocals, with whom Vangelis also worked on a few of her singles. As a group The Minis including Zoe also appear in Orestis Laskos' film "Na zei kaneis i na mi zei" (To be or not to be), performing the songs of Darlin' / Yeppee Ya Ya Song". Their second single “And I love her” / “Girl” does not include Zoe Kouroukli, but it features Vangelis playing on organ. The songs are covers from well-known Beatles-songs, Paul McCartney and John Lennon are credited on the label.

Music Box logo of the sixties

Old logo of the recordcompany

New logo of Music Box International

New companylogo of Music Box Intl.

Nowadays Music Box has renamed itself. The name is now Music Box International S.A. The label is not to be confused with the pirate Music Box-cassette label.

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