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In the second half of the sixties Greece had it's own flood of rock- and garagebands. Artists like Zoitsa (or Zoë) Kouroukli, The Charms, The Teenagers, The Knacks, Persons (who later became known as "Socrates" or "Socrates Drank The Conium"), Tammy and Loubogg recorded their songs on the black vinyl.


One of the recordlabels which those bands worked for, was the famous Pan Vox label. Not only garagebands or rockmusicians were under this label, popmusic was also released on it. Other bands releasing their work on this label were "The Dead Kennedys", "The Sounds", "ABBA" and "Cinquetti", the first band in which Dimitri Tambossis played lead guitar, later he released two singles with Vangelis playing under his artist name Dimitri. The first singles by The Forminx were released on Pan Vox, here Vangelis got involved with people who he worked with later on, like Zoë Kouroukli and Demis Roussos. Demis also had a contract while playing with "We Five" on Pan Vox. The label started in 1965 and is still releasing music, also in other genres like hip hop. Pan Vox is still based in Athens. The company has released many songs in Greek, that makes it almost unknown outside of Greece.


Zoitsa (or Zoë) Kouroukli recorded some more records without Vangelis' input on this label, before she became a very populair singer, model and actress and renamed herself Zoe Laskari.


The Greek label is not to be confused with the Portugal based bootleg label, which mimics the real official Greek Pan Vox label. Fake Pan Vox records have catalogue numbers all starting with "PV".

Papersleeve for singles with the companylogo of Pan Vox, from the 60's

Papersleeve of Pan Vox

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