Vangelis has made much more music than was released. This page provides an overview of these recordings. First an overview of was only released on vinyl, below you can find recordings only heard by audiences attended by concerts or recordingsessions, but was never released on any media whatsoever. Also the other way is there too. Like Line Open was only released on de CD single of Conquest of Paradise.


The LP See You Later (1980) should have contained eight tracks originally, but only six were released. The omitting two, "Fertilisation" and "Neighbours Above" are only to be heard on bootlegs or on some websites. Another track for the See You Later album, called "Domestic Logic 1" is only to be found on a rare 7".

Song Is... on a Spanish 7"

Song Is... was recorded for Private Collections but never say daylight on LP or CD, only on 7" like this Spanish one


One of the most famous movies Vangelis has worked on, is undoubtedly Balde Runner, drected by Ridley Scott. After its release in 1982 several CD's and cassettetapes were traded among fans with the score of the movie. Still many bootlegs come out with (snippets) of the music. In 1994 the first genuine release saw daylight, it was on LP pressed in Brazil only. It became a highly sought after item for collectors and its tradeprice was skyhigh. The last years a repressing was released, lowering the price of the original Brasilian pressing.


But Vangelis mentioned in several interviews that he records much more than ever will be released. Not only music that has been pirated on bootlegs from movies, but also music for ballets like Frankenstein, shows and advertisements.

The first genuine release on the music of Blade Runner

It took twelve years for a genuine release of the music of Blade Runner to come out on this extra rare LP from Brazil (1994)

Direct Demos with Glorianna in different cues

This extremely rare bootleg CD has two different cues of Glorianna from Direct (1988)

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